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Hi all.  I'm a trans-academic studying... trans-academics.  I attend Elon University and am in the process of declaring a double major in anthropology and creative writing with a minor in gender studies.  Interestingly enough, Anne Bolin (In Search of Eve) is a professor here - we've met and discussed trans and gender issues - I think she'd be a perfect advisor for me, and we'd research together too.  I am currently a chem major, but I am writing and reading more on gender than I am focussing on my chem homework, so I think I've found my calling!  I presented a paper this year on transsexual rhetoric, and I'm in the process of brainstorming for and writing several new works, hopefully posting them on my blog (if anyone wants the link, I'll send it to you but there's nothing up there but an intro).  Heavily influenced by Kate Bornstein, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to last month.

Hope to talk trans with some of you folks!
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