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Equality & Parity II: list of workshops and presenters

Equality & Parity II: list of workshops and presenters


This is a list of the workshop and roundtable abstracts and presenters. This list does not include the Plenary Talks or entertainers. If you want to register for the conference, go to You can register in English or Spanish. If you reside in California please apply for a scholarship. The conference is free, but scholarships cover, if live 50+ miles from the conference location, transportation, food and lodging. If you live less than 50 miles from the conference location, scholarships can't cover lodging. And if you live outside of California, you are not eligible for a scholarship, but you are welcome to attend the conference. Hotel registration deadline is January 5th, so get your registration in ASAP!


Beyond the “risk group” perspective: Creating healthy sex and healthy lives for ourselves (Alexis Rivera and Daniel Gould)

BIENESTAR – Transgeneros Unida  (Vivianna Hernandez and Sandra Lorraine Esqueda)

C3 Campaign (Eli Bartle & Hannah Howard)

Community-Driven Research and Needs Assessment (Sean Saifa Wall and Hale Thompson)

Community Planning (Elizabeth Mediano)

Comprehensive Integrated Prevention Services Model For TG of Color (Woodward & Jackson)

Continuing Conversations on Advancing TG Community HIV Prevention & Care (Mattee Jim, Heather Northover & David Pieribone)

Developing a Grassroots Transgender Care Project for Urban and Rural Latin Communities (Campbell & __)

Differing Risk Behaviors among TG Women, MSM, and MSM/W (Jane Rohde and Cathy J. Reback)

The Dual Marginalization of TG Inmates: An Examination of a Uniquely Vulnerable Population  (Lori Sexton, MA, Jennifer Sumner, MA, Valerie Jenness, PhD)

Equitable Empowerment – One educator’s thoughts on how to teach people without limiting them (Ryka Aoki)

Evil Deceivers: Transphobia and Transphobic Violence (Talia Mae Bettcher, PhD)

Getting Past It! (Valerie Shields)

The Gender Diversity Project: Educational Resources for Your Classroom and Workplace  (Marinoff & Thompson)

Good Jobs NOW: Economic Development for TG Communities (Farley, Shlasko, et al)

Harm Reduction Model for Treatment of M-to-F Transsexuals Below the Poverty Line (Jennifer A. Burnett)

Health Care as Community Empowerment: Linking HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care to TG Health are Access (Cecilia Chung, Chris Roebuck MPH, Barry Zevin MD)

HIV Prevention and Community Mobilization thru (Vicky Ortega & L. Rivera)

HIV-related risk behaviors and protective strategies of TG men who have sex with non-TG Men (Jae Savelius)

Importance of allies in transgender equality and parity (Solvario)

Integration of Trangender Community Participation into HIV Prevention Community Planning and HIV Prevention Clinical Research at the AIDS Office, SF DPH (Rapues, Colvario & Pabustan)

La comunidad Transgenero Latina Viviendo con VIH (Revelar o no Revelar)  (Jessica Alvarez)

Life on the Line: An Overview of Legal Protections (Tara L. Borelli)

Make it work! Addressing Common Challenges in HIV Prevention Programs for TG (Luis Gutierrez-Mock & Yavante Thomas-Guess)

Negotiating Sexuality: For People of All Genders and Bodies (and Parts) (Alexander Yoo)

Popular Opinion Leader Intervention within the TG Latino Community (Efren Chavez and Cynthia Chavez)

Primary Care Issues (Nick Gorton, MD)

Queen USA, Queen of the Universe, and QUEST: How Beauty Pageants Affect the TG Community  (RT) (Frandy Garcia, Karina Samala, Maria Carmen Hinayon)

Seeing Beyond the Gender Binary of “Male” and “Female” (Jen Shockey, Gabriel Rendon)         

Transgender Law Center

Sexism & Sexualization of MTF Transgenderism (Julia Serano)

Today’s Transgender Needs (TG youth) (Bamby Salcedo)

Transgender HIV Prevention update from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention  (Finlayson, McKleroy)

Transgender HIV Prevention at a Pharmacy Near You: What You Need to Know about California’s Disease Prevention Demonstration Project (Meghan Ralston)

TranSalud: an innovative intervention for TG Latinas MTF via the Internet (Carla Clynes, Claudia Cabrera, Yazmin Macias)

Transition Age Youth (Rosalyne Blumenstein)

TUYA! Trans-latinas Unidas YA! – Working With Transgender Latinas in San Francisco (Alexandra Byerly, Marcia Ochoa)

Women on the Inside: A Model Program for TG Women in Prison (Lori Kohler, MD)

You Were Walking Down the Street; You Must Be a Streetwalker! (Tracie O'Brien, Nichole Thierry, Yosenio V Lewis)

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