Protest Zucker's Invite to Speak at Royal Society of Medicine Conference

Protest Zucker's Invite to Speak at Royal Society of Medicine Conference

Please sign the petition below to protest the horrific decision to invite trans-reparatist quack Kenneth Zucker to address attendees at a conference on gender-variant youth in the UK. First he was invited to sit on the committee to oversee revisions to the GID diagnosis in the DSM, now this? When will this universally reviled doctor in the trans community stop being rewarded by the mainstream for his dangerous and egregious actions? Enough is enough!

Here is the text of the petition and a link to it:

We the undersigned wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against the inclusion of Dr Kenneth Zucker in the Royal Society of Medicine's conference on "Gender Identity Disorder in Adolescents". We believe that his methods are harmful to young people and that his theories on transgenderism are both outdated and rejected by most of the psychological community as they are based on personal bias and flawed methodology.

We respectfully ask that you replace him with a contributor to the conference who does not give such offence to the transgendered community.

AGREAA seeking board members

Please forward widely.

The Association for Gender Research, Education, Academia, & Action
(AGREAA) is currently seeking three dedicated individuals to join our
Board of Directors. We are looking for individuals who have a desire
to build a supportive community for those who study, teach, or engage
in activism related to gender. Preferred applicants will have a vested
interest in our mission, experience working on large projects in a
team setting, and excel at turning ideas into reality. Experience in a
young non-profit organization is a plus! Ideally, we are seeking
applicants with strengths that include: fundraising and development,
public relations, or creating/overseeing professional development
opportunities – however, anyone who is interested in supporting our
work is encouraged to apply.

Applications will be accepted starting July 25, 2008 and can be
submitted electronically to AGREAA accepts
applications for a minimum of thirty days, and applications submitted
after August 25, 2008 will be considered on a rolling basis until the
position are filled. For more information, or to download the
application, visit:

Eli R Green, MA
Founder & Board Chair

queer issues/sociology PhD programs

Does anyone know any U.S. schools that have PhD programs in which professors are focusing on queer topics, particularly pertaining to gender, masculinity or transgender (FTM, specifically) issues.

I am a MA sociology student looking at doctoral programs. I have some names from articles I have read, but am still looking for a bit of feedback.

Where would you apply?

Hi there

Hello everyone.
I have read over the journal and noticed that a lot of people are interested in learning. Everyone seems to be so learned so I thought I'd risk a question: what is a transsexual person? Where does this term originate? What exactly makes it legitemate?
Thank you.
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Hi all.  I'm a trans-academic studying... trans-academics.  I attend Elon University and am in the process of declaring a double major in anthropology and creative writing with a minor in gender studies.  Interestingly enough, Anne Bolin (In Search of Eve) is a professor here - we've met and discussed trans and gender issues - I think she'd be a perfect advisor for me, and we'd research together too.  I am currently a chem major, but I am writing and reading more on gender than I am focussing on my chem homework, so I think I've found my calling!  I presented a paper this year on transsexual rhetoric, and I'm in the process of brainstorming for and writing several new works, hopefully posting them on my blog (if anyone wants the link, I'll send it to you but there's nothing up there but an intro).  Heavily influenced by Kate Bornstein, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to last month.

Hope to talk trans with some of you folks!

(trans) Gender studies in australia

Can anyone help me out with details of reputable places in Australia to undertake gender studies?

I have been having a look at a few courses, and most of them seem to be focused on women/feminism, which is not really my thing. I'm particularly interested in masculinity and transmasculinity.

I am interested in graduate diplomas and courses that can be undertaken by correspondence, but all suggestions are welcome at this stage.

Many thanks,